Hailing from the depths of Fargo, North Dakota comes the blast beatin’, cheeseburger eatin’, riff thrashin’, hipster bashin’, booze drinkin’ wild men known as GORGATRON! Grinding and head-banging since 2006, Gorgatron comes with two Gorga-tested & Gorga-approved full-length releases. Slam packed with your favorite beer-chugging-pit-thrashing death metal antics, TORTURETORIUM (2010) and INNER SUPREMACY (2015) will touch the inner most bowels of your deepest desires. 


In a world, full of way too serious metal critics with scowls and bad attitudes, Gorgatron are todays poster-dudes for breaking out the drunken air guitar to Van Halen, devouring all the munchies in sight, beer funneling and playing fuckin’ death metal! Gorgatron’s heart exploding blast beats, body crushing riffs, vein bursting gutturals wont only leave behind a smoldering pile of human remains, but it'll also get you laid! That's a guarantee that has been Gorga-tested, and Gorga-approved!


Gorgatron are no rookies to the stage either… Gorgotron puts on a no-holds barred performance of epic proportions. You will experience moshing, circle pits, head banging and of course a lot of beer chugging. You may have experienced Gorgatron if you were at Las Vegas Death Fest 8, Philadelphia Infest 3, ‘The Road to GorgaMania’ Tour, ‘The Ultimate Midwest’ Tour, ‘Midwest Madness’ Tour and more!


Gorgatron joined the ranks of Extreme Management Group in 2017 alongside heavy hitters; Suffocation, Cattle Decapitation, Cryptopsy, Decrepit Birth, Disgorge, Rings of Saturn, Internal Bleeding and more. With a new album in the works, 2018 is going to be a very heavy year for Gorgotron.



  • Paul Johnson - Guitar

  • Neal Stein - Guitar

  • Cameron Dewald - Bass

  • Matt Johnson - Drums

  • Karl “RICEGRINDER” Schmidt - Vocals 




Torturetorium 2010


What happens when you Google “Fargo death metal”? Gorgatron happens, that’s what... Doomishly loud, and scarily fast music” -Diane Miller high plains reader

“These dudes are pretty damn brutal I’m sure any death metal fan will enjoy this. Check them out!” -Deathcore Essence Blog

”An excellent piece of brutal and destructive death metal coming from North Dakota, and will definitely call your attention if you are a worshiper of death metal ala old school mixed with old grind-core elements.” - Victor Varas zombie ritual fanzin

”GORGATRON have laid waste to posers in North Dakota, and claimed the title of best unsigned band in the state for themselves” -Toilet Ov Hell

”Just when you think a band has thought of all the ways to use the word gor(e), along comes yet another new iteration that will surprise you, this one by way of the band Gorgatron” “this quartet from Fargo, North Dakota, of all places (great movie by the way) plays a Dying Fetus/Suffocation style of lurching, head-banging death metal. You get some furious blasts and catchy grooves, along with an awesome death growl from vocalist Karl “Rice Grinder” Schmidt.” -TEETH OF THE DIVINE

”If you are familiar with the upper midwest independent metal scene, the name Gorgatron is not an unfamiliar moniker. The band has been touring relentlessly in the region for several years, playing 100s of shows.
The original full length album “Torturetorium” was released completely DIY in 2010 and brought the band its original recognition. With a full lineup in place and solidified the band hit the road and played everywhere and anywhere they could.” -ZERO BUDGET RECORDS

”This week we feature our arguably heaviest band, North Dakota’s Gorgatron. Gorgatron may not be the longest running band on ZBR, but they are one the Midwest longest running and hardest working bands. The band is ALWAYS on the road, playing shows and having impromptu wrestling events. They have two full lengths out currently,the latest “Inner Supremacy” was recently released through us and we could be more proud to have them aboard! The band may take their music seriously, but their live show is always full of excitement and often laughs. If you have not experienced a live show, we highly recommend taking some time to go meet the guys and hang out with them in their preferred environment.” -ZERO BUDGET RECORDS